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Food! | 食べ物

I’ve been getting demands from my cousin to keep sending food pics. So I thought I might as well go ahead and make a blog about food. (this one’s for you Daniel.) 私のいとこはいつも食べ物の写真を送って欲しいので、食べ物のブログを書きます。(ダニエルへ 笑) I’ll talk about my favourite foods, my least favourite foods, snacks, interesting foods, all of it! 私はあなた達に私の好きな食べ物と嫌いな食べ物とおやつと面白い食べ物を教えます。全部ですね。 English | 英語で favourite foods… Read more »

My Host Family!

Quick Update – 短い更新: I want to write a blog introducing my host family but due to the current COVID-19 outbreak I thought I needed to give everyone an update on my health and wellbeing, so that nobody is worried about me. I am currently in the prefecture of Japan with 118 people infected. That… Read more »

Culture Shock!

I have officially been in Japan for a month now so I thought I’d write a blog on the culture shock I have experienced so far. I want to state some things I’ve noticed that are different from what I’m used to, I will try to inform everyone who might come across this. I want… Read more »

First Week of School!

This week was pretty eventful so I would like to share! I think this is going to be a pretty long blog post so brace yourself! I have finally started school. It was nerve-racking at first but I think I’m settled in now! Monday, 27th of January I had an early start to the morning… Read more »